Saturday, February 19, 2005

Rodrigo Wounded in Nepal/ Fantasy Baseball Starting This Week

Hello everyone. There hasn't been much going on these past few days so some of my remaining operatives got bored. Rodrigo Boca (Juan's son) and DooHan decided to lead an ill-fated demolition mission into Nepal. They were intercepted by some of the royal family's security personnel, and a viscious gun battle ensued in the streets around the palace. Rodrigo suffered several gunshot injuries and was medivacced to Malaysia where he is in critical condition. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

In other news, fantasy baseball is finally up on Yahoo! Their free site provides for a excellent basic league with plenty of options to follow American baseball. For live score-keeping, owners may choose to pay for Stat-tracker to give them the full play-by-play. I am not sure how many leagues I will be in this year, but I cannot wait for spring training.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Break in the Action

In the last few days, most of my senior operatives have left for various operations. I have been unable to accept any new contracts. At this point I have only a skeleton crew and have decided to scale back operations, and we are now actively operating in the Balkans. This will not make for a very interesting blog, so I have decided to use this website to chronicle my American fantasy sports exploits and opinions, in addition to my battlefield accomplishments.
Some of you have expressed concern that I may stop killing people. I would like to reassure everyone that I do not plan to stop killing people.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

What If They Had A Peacekeeping Operation And Nobody Came?

This morning I received an offer from a UN affiliate to provide additional security for a group of Pakistani peacekeepers in Sierra Leone- this would be essentially the same type of work we did for the British in Basra last October. I am scrambling to assemble a team, but it appears most of my field operators are already jumping to other projects – I suppose they became rather impatient after the Venezuelan incident, and they seemed to have taken the next offer they got.

DoHan and DooHan have left to do security work for Devlin McGregor, a pharmaceutical company. Jan has left for Korea again, presumably to trade pot shots with those bloody snipers on the 38th parallel. Helmut, my long-term associate that I spent so many wonderful years working with in Rhodesia (when they still called it Rhodesia) left Berlin this morning to have another go at the Chechens. Rodrigo just left Srebrenica and may have something lined up in the Far East.

Yesterday I had a team but not a mission. Today I have a mission but don’t have a team. Sadly I prefer the former to the latter.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Thank You Fidel Castro

Of course I am being facetious. The whole reason we left Iraq was to gather a team for an operation in Venezuela. I was trying to keep this secret since we were going in to remove President Chavez. Apparently word leaked out to the Cubans, probably from some dumb American in Washington. And of course that rat Castro had to go babbling about the now not-so-secret plans because he has nothing better to do. Well suffice it so say we are going to shelve the whole operation for now. I don't think I would mind so much but I turned down an executive security contract in the Ukraine because I really thought the Venezuelan operation was the best opportunity. And then I tried to get back on the Ukraine job, but by that Yushenko had already hired an East German/Austrian team led by our old friend Clause Geissman. So now we are sitting with our proverbial dicks in the proverbial wind and I'm not sure what's next.

The days of playing industrial espionage in Cuba are pretty much over, and Mr. Castro should mind his own business and count bananas or whatever he does in his spare time. But these fellows in Cuba and North Korea are clamoring for global attention, and this is not good for business.

What a pathetic embrace between Mr. Chavez and Mr. Castro! The last time I saw something like that in Cuba, Fredo Corleone ended up getting whacked.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Latest Middle East Operation is Completed

OK so I am resting in the states now after my extended action in the Middle East. And it is certainly nice to have regular access to a computer again, so I am going to try and pick things up where I left off.

A couple general comments on the situation in Iraq. First, when I went back to Iraq this time, I found things were much different than they were in 91. This time the Americans are "officially" in Iraq, and they really have been an "official" pain in the ass to me and my team. But I think most of the Americans mean well, although they are not as well educated as you may think and they make bad decisions under fire. I suppose I don't mind working with or around them so long as their interests do not conflict with mine.

And what a small world it is over there! I was working on an extraction for a team that had run into a bit of trouble working a security detail for a British unit in Basra and I bumped into a fellow I hadn't seen since Nha Trang 68 when we dynamited that Vietnamese dam!

So I am pleased to have some free time and shall keep updating this as time permits. For those of you that donated money for Sinjay's operation, I would like to thank you. As most of you know, Sinjay didn't pull through, but your thoughts and prayers made his last days as pleasant as possible and hopefully we shall get another run at those Chechen dogs.