Tuesday, April 04, 2006

McStallen's Fantasy Baseball Preview Part IV- Attack of the Corner Infielders! (and outfielders)

OK, the season has started and these "previews" are quickly growing stale. So I'll wrap things up with this post and be done with it.

1) Third Base
Holy shit I remember back when Mike Schmidt and Tim Wallach were the only two good third basemen in baseball. Well things have changed and third base is loaded.

Do not get left out in the cold in this position folks. I have a friend from America in an NL-only league, and he is using Joe Randa as his three-bagger. A couple of years ago that would have been OK, since most fantasy teams were starting marginal 3Bs. But now most teams have studs and you will lose out big-time (in relative terms) if you are starting some schlub like Mr. Randa- even in an NL-only league.

Here are 3 guys you can probably find late in drafts that should help you:

Aaron Boone- Boone hasn't played well in years, and no one wants him on their fantasy team because of the threat posed by super-prospect Andy Marte. That might not happen until 2007- so don't be afraid to cut one of your bench scrubs like Reggie Sanders or Gustavo Chacin and sign this guy.

Edwin Encarnacion- struck out 3 times yesterday. But it's going to be real hit n' miss with him, so take the 120 Ks if it gets you 30 homers.

Ryan Zimmerman- Zimmerman is an elite prospect who has been handed the Nationals thirdbase job without any competition. He should thrive, but be careful, he has had some real fielding problems and this could lead to playing time problems down the road.

2) Firstbase
Here are 5 under-rated first baseman-This position is loaded...

Connor Jackson- Super-prospect who tore up the minors last year and then tore up pitching during spring training in 2006. Had 2 hits in the opener and could work his way into the role of clean-up hitter. I just wish he gets traded to Boston some day so one day I can hear one of those despicable bean-eaters say "Fawkin Connah Jacksin"...

Scott Hatteburg- if Hatteburg gets the at-bats, he could smack 30 homers as a Red. But beware he'll probably sit against most lefties. He hit a homer in the season opener.

Mike Sweeney- a very solid hitter who plas on a terrible team- he has a little protection (Reggie
Sanders, Matt Stairs) so if he stays healthy, he could put up nice OPS numbers.

Casey Kotchman- Kotchman has been a hyped prospect for a few years, and this year he appears ready to produce. He ripped up opposing pitchers during spring training, and went 1-3 with an RBI in the opener.

Jim Thome- you've heard the name before...well Mr. Thome should rebound nicely, back in the AL, DH'ing on a team that plays in a hitters' park. He's homered in both WhiteSox games already- so there's a huge ceiling for him. IF you drafted him, congrats. Just don't get snookered into trading alot for him, because he's old and coming off an attrotious season.

3) Outfield
The outfield is weak- I think there are more good fantasy first baseman than outfielders, even though there are three times as many starting outfielders.
But here are some guys to look out for:

Brad Wilkerson- Wilkerson is playing through injuries, but when healthy, he should thrive as a Ranger. 1B-OF eligible.

Jonny Gomes- Put up great numbers last year- doesn't quite have the pedigree of alot of other star outfielders, but this guy is a great day-day deal. He went 2-4 in the 2006 season opener, with a dong. 21 HRs in 348 at-bats. Only problem is that he needs to cut down on the Ks- He was on pace last year for 200+ had he played a full season.

Eric Byrnes- the streaky Byrnes is playing in a hitter-friendly park, and could post career highs. If he gets off to a hot start, he could lock up the #1 or #2 spot in the D-backs lineup, and that will certainly help his production. Byrnes had 3 hits in the season opener.

Austin Kearns- Kearns has been a hyped fantasy prospect for years, who still hasn't arrived. In fact I recall having him on my 2002 team- and cutting him. But this year it may all click- there's no more Wily Mo Pena, Jose Guillen, Ruben Mateo, Reggie Taylor, Juan Encarnacion etc to steal playing time, and Kearns will be given a full shot to make it. It's on him- if he stays healthy, he could be very serviceable.


Anonymous Kim Il Sung said...

Nobody care about baessa-ball player. You get back to what you do best and start killing people again and the tell us about it.

And I was 28 under on the back 9 today. Fuck Masters- they no invite.

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Anonymous David Hackert said...

McStallen, thansk for the updates- but I only draft extremely Christian players, like Mike Maroth.

And only the grace of God could create something as perfect as evolution.

4:01 PM  
Anonymous Tim Teufel said...

Anyone know if they sell Budweiser in Australia?

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